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Did you know that 91%(i) of dissatisfied customers never complain; they simply go elsewhere? That 86% (ii) of customers would pay more if great service is guaranteed, 72% (iii) tell an average of 6 others about their positive experience?  Yet most small businesses, from starting out to scaling up don’t bother to check their customers are content.  Ignoring the ripple effect of ‘silent but deadly’ unhappy clients circulating bad news.  Failing to capture and share how captivated customers feel about their positive experiences.  Letting opportunities slip away.



(i) Understanding Customers" by Ruby Newell-Legner / (ii) Super Office, November 2016 / (iii) Esteban Kolsky, Corporate Strategist, Thinkjar



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I am Teresa Gandy, owner of ClarityCX.  I provide Customer Experience consultancy and support to routinely measure, discover and improve the entire customer journey from initial to repeat purchase.  I'll do bespoke work, coming onsite to find the right feedback strategy and solution for your business, support the creation of a customer-centric employee culture and identify solutions to weave into the fabric of your organisation.  I love the smile on your face when you learn your clients are you most vocal advocates and source of prospect referrals.  Creating ripples out and more business in.  Giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.  Making customer experience processes customary and effective. Freeing you to do less of the humdrum to focus on more of what you love doing and 'feel-good' experiences for your organisation from the inside out.

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