Teresa Gandy

I am Teresa Gandy, owner of Clarity CX. I provide failsafe processes to help businesses offer a consistently exceptional customer experience (CX).  Integrity, trust, continuous improvement and passion are what I am all about. It’s the same for your customers. If you listen to them and treat them well, you’ll make every part of their journey, from initial to repeat business, a delightful experience for customers, turning them into your biggest allies. Like ripples in a pond, they’ll want to talk about their positive customer experience, giving referrals.


My Dad believed that by looking after ‘bread and butter’ customers with exceptional customer service, the jam would follow! I saw him expand the family electrical business from 2 to 4 people, then to 8 running it for 25 years, winning numerous local council contracts.  What was the secret of his success? It was making every single customer feel important, for example going the extra mile for two influential elderly sisters. Very well connected, they persuaded many other people to use his services.


Starting out as a Business Administrator in companies, I quickly learned I was good at puzzling out people’s unresolved problems, improving working practices, creating satisfied customers. This can be daunting to others, but I find it fun, empowering and exciting! A Procurement Officer in the NHS, I turned my biggest ‘naysayer’ into my loudest cheerleader, persuading other department heads to support an extensive digital procurement initiative.  Then I spent 14 years at Vodafone, improving customer operations and change improvement globally, the last 3 years of which I rolled out a strategy and tools to improve the way c450 front line people interacted with 120k+ global customers. Uncharted territory for both Vodafone and me, I was the ‘go-to’ person, praised for my tireless enthusiasm.


I truly believe that customer experience is like ripples on a pond. Through a few tried and tested customer experience techniques, you’ll turn dissatisfied or neutral customers into delighted, vocal advocates. I have done this for larger businesses and can do it for you too. This stuff really works!


Feeling trapped in the Corporate world, I came back to my starting point; my Dad building his own start up business on rock solid customer service foundations. I launched ClarityCX in January 2017, using every aspect of my business improvement journey.


I help businesses (from start-up through to the next stage of growth) to profit from what I have practiced in bigger companies

  • Either managing bespoke CX services on your behalf
  • Or training you to use a whole suite of simple tools to implement, monitor and manage a consistently exceptional customer experience
  • Helping you build customer-focused businesses to be proud of, benefitting you, your employees and your clients.  I will give you the tools to do that for yourselves or get it done indirectly. The choice is yours.


For a no obligation discussion on how I can help you attract more clients and increase business efficiency through the right customer experience processes, call me on 07909 928291, or email Teresa@ClarityCX.co.uk.

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