OMBEA have fantastic options to enable quick and effective feedback, supported by simple analytical tools


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OMBEA Insights:


The perfect solution for collecting customer and employee feedback as they pass through your reception, venue or retail outlet.  Questions can be easily changed as frequently as you would like, use smiley buttons, multiple choice answers or custom images to suit your needs.  Whether 1 ExpressPod or multiple, you'll benefit from an ongoing stream of feedback, neatly summarised by location and time.


What is OMBEA Insights?

OMBEA Insights is a customer and employee feedback system.
OMBEA Insights displays live feedback on people’s opinions as they go about their daily lives.
How is it used?

Use OMBEA Insights to collect an ongoing stream of fast and frequent feedback from Customers, Employees, or both as they pass through your key locations.


The feedback is summarised by hour, day, month and year.  It is distilled down to a single KPI such as NPS or eNPS, that is simple to understand and easy to follow.


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OMBEA Response:


Collect live feedback, whether as an interactive audience during a speach, student input during lectures or as part of a training programme.  Integrate the feedback directly into your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation in real time to create discussion and a more interactive experience for participants.  Responses can be gathered via OMBEA ResponsePad or download the OMBEA ResponseApp and collect feedback and opinon via phones.

What is OMBEA Response?
OMBEA Response is an ‘audience response system’. It displays live feedback on people’s opinions and knowledge during a presentation.

Use OMBEA to engage people, measure feedback, train staff, conduct focus-groups, and vote in general assemblies. They assess students, track attainment, and elicit opinions in interactive conferences.


Who uses OMBEA Response?

Educators | Businesses | Government Organisations | Non-Profits



What users say:


“The instant results that came out of the voting questions were well suited to streaming through Twitter. We found that people were interested in the votes we shared, resulting in further social engagement through the day.”

Virginia Jennings

Communications & Events Manager




“The admin time saved alone makes OMBEA an amazing investment as all the data is in Excel and can be merged and reviewed instantly!”


Alison Moseley

Clinical Skills Trainer

Russells Hall Hospital



“Mixing the clickers and apps made it very flexible and they found it easy to use. From a lecturer’s point of view, it made lectures more interesting and it is much easier to use than our existing response technology.”

Dr Richard Joiner

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

University of Bath


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