Whether a one off, or more regular pulse check of your customers, surveys are a quick and cost efficient way to get information from your customers.  Maybe you just want to check their experience, help to identify the root cause of non-returning customers, or find out how many of your customers are loyal advocates, who will spend more and bring in new customers to you, ClarityCX can help you:


  • Structure effective questions
  • Identify the best deployment approach for your business
  • Show you ways to increase your response rate
  • Offer telephone follow ups to delve into more detail
  • Create a professional online survey for your business
  • Manage your responses and provide professional reporting, analytics and recommendations

How can surveys help your business?  Here are just some of the benefits of implementing surveys - often using just 2 or 3 questions (if you know the right ones to use) can give valuable insight and data:


  • Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Manage employee engagement and loyalty
  • Create marketing content
  • Capture testimonials and statistics eg: “95% of our customers say xxxx”
  • Build social media content
  • Understand or define your Unique Selling/Value Proposition
  • Identify unhappy customers (before they leave!)
  • Get feedback on a particular product/service/website experience or future product/service
  • Anything else you want an opinion on!
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