Whether a one off, or more regular pulse check of your customers, surveys are the quickest and most cost efficient way to get information from your customers.  Whether you just want to check their experience, help to identify the root cause of non-returning customers, or find out how many of your customers are loyal advocates, who will spend more and bring in new customers to you, ClarityCX can help you:


  • Structure effective questions
  • Identify the best deployment approach for your business
  • Show you ways to increase your response rate
  • Offer telephone follow ups to delve into more detail
  • Create a professional online survey for your business
  • Manage your responses and provide professional reporting, analytics and recommendations

How can surveys help your business?  Here are just some of the benefits of implementing surveys - often using just 2 or 3 questions (if you know the right ones to use) can give valuable insight and data:


  • Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Manage employee engagement and loyalty
  • Create marketing content
  • Capture testimonials and statistics eg: “95% of our customers say xxxx”
  • Build social media content
  • Understand or define your Unique Selling/Value Proposition
  • Identify unhappy customers (before they leave!)
  • Get feedback on a particular product/service/website experience or future product/service
  • Anything else you want an opinion on!




ClarityCX consultation, strategy and build services start from just £100.  You'll be up and running with an effective survey and the knowledge to utilise the results effectively within your business.  Whether you're looking for customer feedback, employee engagement or a school wanting to capture parent, pupil or staff opinions, ClarityCX can help you quickly develop the best approach specifically for your needs.

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